Meriam Yehya Ibrahim Ishag- Photo from BBC

In God’s name?

I was born and brought up as a Christian  and although I was aware of religious differences in Uganda, I was also taught tolerance. Just as well, … Continue Reading

Networking Etiquette


Should givers gain II: Ces Loftus

I thought I would revisit this topic if only to shout out a about a woman  in my network I admire greatly and one of the the most generous people I know in my network. If you missed the previous post on the issue … Continue Reading

Should givers gain

If you are reading this  and are an avid networker you would have across the saying  GIVERS GAIN. For some this is a  situation where everyone wins but in my mind it also means  BE GENEROUS TO THOSE IN YOUR … Continue Reading

Interested people are interesting

Spring is here and one of the things that most of us do at this time of the year is spring clean. So armed with with a feather a duster I set about dusting down my book shelf. This exercise revealed that I have … Continue Reading